Urban Lube

Urban Lube is a top-notch automotive service provider that caters to the customers in Canadian cities. With the philosophy of making the lives of customers convenient, Urban Lube offers oil change, battery change service and regular vehicle maintenance.

No more need to visit the local garage and wait for long hours in a queue. We come to you with convenient automotive services. Get maintenance and repair services at your doorstep for vehicles like cars, vans, even heavy duty vehicles.

What Services Are Offered by Urban Lube?

Oil Change

Urban Lube’s oil change service has benefited many customers in Canada and you can be the next one. We offer warranty-approved oil change and fleet services ask for oil change. The technician of Urban Lube will come to your office or home to change the vehicle’s oil to give you the best mileage and performance. Urban Lube uses high-quality Castrol oil or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standard oil to assure the best service to customers.

Tire Services

A flat tire can give you a hard time. It is daunting to call a tow truck to tow your car to the nearby garage and then get the tire replaced. Now, all you need to do is call Urban Lube technician and relax. The expert technician will come to you and will perform tire change and replacement. No need to tow a car or wait for someone to help you. You can also get a new tire, tire rotation, tire change, tire sales near me and replacement service from Urban Lube to replace your old tires.

Regular Maintenance

Urban Lube is a renowned name in Canada for its efficient and speedy services like air filter, cabin filter, wiper blades, windshield wiper blade, headlight bulb, coolant replacement, battery booster, transmission fluid change over etc. The Team of Urban Lube will help you with expert regular vehicle maintenance.



Quality Service and Customer Satisfaction!
We’ve expanded to serve you better!
We now sell, install and service tires!
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Why Use Fleet Services of Urban Lube?

Ease of Access

All you need to do is give a call to Urban Lube to get any service you need; Whether it is a tire fix/replaced, regular maintenance, truck oil change, or oil change service. The team of Urban Lube will come to you to give you the required service.

Mobile Services

You don’t need to visit the garage for any automobile assistance you need. You will get mobile access of services from Oil Change, Tire Fix/Replaced or Regular Maintenance.

High Quality Service

Well-trained and experienced technician will use authorized and high quality material to provide the best assistant. It makes sure you improve the performance of your vehicle.

Private and Fleet

Whether you have your own vehicle or fleet of vehicles, Urban Lube offers services to all.

Choose Your Service Package, NOW!

Choose Your Service Package
Most of our clients fit into 1 main service package.
Read below to pick the option that best suits your needs then start booking your super-easy Oil Change today.

Want an oil change for your vehicle at home or at your office while you work? This is the best option for individuals wanting maintenance or an oil change for their personal vehicles.

Do you own a fleet of vehicles that need regular oil changes? If you need regularly scheduled servicing for your fleet of vehicles – this option is for you!

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